Magic Hour Foundation

I am so honored that I was recently accepted by this wonderful organization to provide free photo sessions to families who are fighting cancer. Please go to the link posted below if you would like to nominate a family to receive a photo shoot. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help these families preserve precious memories.

Magic Hour Foundation:

Vision- Family and memories are two of the most valuable treasures in life. They should be celebrated in the present and captured for the future.

Mission- We are a national network of professional photographers who want to serve the individuals and families who are fighting cancer by providing them with the ability to celebrate the truly important things in life through photography. These charitable portrait sessions will provide an opportunity to be normal – just relax, smile and have fun with loved ones. Above all, we will strive to express compassion and love as we support them and pray for God’s grace in their lives, no matter the outcome of their battle.