What an inspiration! Tracy, age 53 (yes, she is 53!)–personal trainer and fitness advocate


What a fantastic, inspiring shoot! My friend Tracy, turned 53 on April 23, 2015, the day of this shoot. Yes, she is 53 years old!! Amazing! She is a personal trainer based in Chattanooga, TN, and is dedicated to helping others maintain their fitness goals as they age. I’ve known Tracy since before she started this journey (in the ’80’s) and watched her amazing transformation from a body builder to a fitness instructor. We started this as a “fitness” shoot, but Tracy and her husband had the hotel room for another hour, so we decided to do an impromptu boudoir shoot! Neither of us had ever done a boudoir shoot. She was a natural and we had a blast, with lots of giggles!

From her website: (http://fitbal.org)
Living Strong & Courageous…regardless of age- even after 50!
Tracy has advocated physical fitness, health & complete well-being for 28 years. Her main focus is making sure her clients’ transformation into a healthy life is a joyful experience.

What began as a hobby, teaching aerobics and later weight training in 1987, transitioned into her passion for life. Dedicated and disciplined, she works toward fitness with fierceness and empathy. Tracy believes that precise goals and a flexible plan of action are both necessary in learning and mastering the basic fundamentals of fitness, the keys to happy and long life and indispensable to monitor the on-going positive change process.

Demonstrating fitness through body balance, her eclectic style incorporates weight training, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, proper nutrition, quality supplements, prayer and meditation on a daily basis. Everything is connected; heart, mind, body, soul, spirit working well together inside and outside.

Tracy started competing in bodybuilding contests in 1988 and won shows in Mississippi, North Carolina and The 1991 Tennessee State Championship. She won her first national title in New Jersey at the NPC Junior National Championships in 1991; first Middleweight and Overall. She placed in the top five at the NPC Nationals and USA until 1995. Although she did not compete for several years, she would frequent many shows on a yearly basis.

As her interest in Fitness and Health increased, she enrolled in continuing education concentrating in Human Ecology and earned certifications in personal training and group exercise instruction. To this day she enjoys working with individuals, small groups and teaching classes.

Time passes and she learns about NPC Women’s Physique. Professional critique sessions were arranged and she made the decision to compete. She won two Class A ,Physique titles,(NPC Eastern Seaboard and NPC Southern Classic) then achieved her unspoken dream of becoming an IFBB Professional in July 2012. Now in her fifties, she encourages athletes that she meets to work, stay healthy and embrace every minute.

”It is going to happen. Aging is our reality. All of us are going to grow old, but that does not mean we sit down, watch life pass us by and lose our spirit for active living! We simply modify and keep moving.”

“Count your blessings, life is not perfect but it is still a gift. Fitness is an all-inclusive adventurous journey with many pathways. Maintaining a conditioned relaxed fit is essential for sustained health, peace and happiness.”

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